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What does Reklin offer you?

Reklin is a company with extensive experience in non-stick coatings for food and other sectors. Our company is based on a commitment to the environment in each of our manufacturing processes; we have the highest technology so that our customers obtain the best products.

Nonstick Coating

At Reklin we optimize each of the processes to achieve the highest performance in trays and molds, in order to achieve great durability and reduce final costs.


Maintenance & Repair

The recovery of trays and molds is our priority. We do not penalize the useful life cycles of the treated materials, so trust our professionals and reduce costs.


Different sections

At Reklin we are specialists in the baking and food sector, but at Reklin we also offer high performance in different productive sectors.

Request your budget without compromise !

Reklin ® is one of the best non-stick coating companies for baking and food, and we also offer services to different industrial sectors. Our goal is to increase the life of your products by offering exclusive maintenance that will reduce your costs.

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Environmental Commitment

At Reklin we faithfully believe in our commitment to the environment, which is why we take care of each of our production processes.