Maintenance & Repair

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Maintenance & Repair

We understand that, although the coating of a mold or tray has a certain life, that does not mean that the part has to be replaced with a new one. For this reason, REKLIN has a workshop specialized in the recovery, repair and maintenance of used molds and trays that still have many life cycles left.

To prolong the life of the mold we work with the most advanced techniques for its recovery, as well as for its cleaning. Once recovered, it is coated again with our Reklin® non-stick coatings, achieving a semi-new result that allows the mold to amortize for much longer.



We use the highest technology, both professional and machinery, to offer a high-quality service in tray maintenance.



With the maintenance of Reklin trays we offer greater durability with the aim of increasing the life of your products without losing any quality.



If we improve the durability of your trays with our maintenance, the life of your trays will increase without losing quality, which leads to high annual savings.

Request your budget without compromise !

Reklin ® is one of the best non-stick coating companies for baking and food, and we also offer services to different industrial sectors. Our goal is to increase the life of your products by offering exclusive maintenance that will reduce your costs.

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Environmental Commitment

At Reklin we faithfully believe in our commitment to the environment, which is why we take care of each of our production processes.