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Reklin Nonstick Coatings

Bread Maker Coatings

The coatings used in the food industrial sectors are used with the basic function of preventing the adhesion of foods, doughs, pastes, liquids, among others, in their processing process with all types of parts, molds, trays, supports, etc. . Furthermore, all the coatings used in this area have regulations for their use in food contact.

Bread Trays

The non-stick coatings for bread trays that we use at Reklin comply with all current regulations and the broadest quality standards.


Pastries Trays

We use and adapt trays for all types of pastries with Reklin non-stick coatings, offering high durability of your products without loss of quality.


Maintenance & Repair

Reducing costs for our clients without losing product quality is one of Reklin’s objectives; for them we maintain and repair their trays, increasing their durability.

Advantages of non-stick coatings

At Reklin we take care of trays that is why we offer a UNIQUE service to our clients through our maintenance and repair of trays, with this service at Reklin we are committed to: increase the life of your trays, reduce service costs, increase the quality of the product.

Request your budget without compromise !

Reklin ® is one of the best non-stick coating companies for baking and food, and we also offer services to different industrial sectors. Our goal is to increase the life of your products by offering exclusive maintenance that will reduce your costs.

Non-stick Coatings

Environmental Commitment

At Reklin we faithfully believe in our commitment to the environment, which is why we take care of each of our production processes.